10 Reasons to Apply to Sal & Mookie’s MBA Program

10 Reasons to Apply to Sal & Mookie’s MBA Program

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Good morrow scholars!

So many of you have asked us why you would want to get a Master of Beer Appreciation (MBA) with Sal & Mookies. We took a little time and made this list to help address this question:

        1. How do you judge any great program? You look at how their allumni are doing, right? Why don’t you check out a recent alumnus:
        2. Research opportunities abound! That’s exactly what makes our MBA such a valuable experience. The Pie Lounge, a sort of beer appreciation library, offers a comfortable atmosphere to begin thinking about high-brow questions like…
        3. Unlock the secrets of the carbonation bubbles that add a little pop to your beer. Do you like a beer to have “a good head on it?” Do you even know what I’m asking? That’s the kind of question you bartender will be able to lecture you on.
        4. As everyone knows, your coolness in a bar is directly correlated with how much the bar tricks you know. How are you going to learn any cool bar tricks if you aren’t in a bar? Have you seen this one…
        5. With all the newfangled beer technology out there, many of you might doubt the necessity of a bar. Afterall this is the age of the keg-cliner…

          But where is the romance in that! We offer an experience in the millennia old practice of bar sitting—having a beer of your choice poured by one of our bartenders.

          (all of that said, depending on the success of the MBA program, we might also begin offering a BS or beer science degree.).
        6. Do you know another MBA program  with brew-ducators that wear suspenders? Just saying.
        7. Because a canned PBR only goes so far—which is pretty far—but think what craft beer can do for you!
        8. It’s not an easy road to the MBA. It will take leadership and passion. It will take endurance and most of all commitment…
        9. sometimes it is that good!
        10. Are we saying it’s the most patriotic drink of all time? Not necessarily, but…

We hope to see you soon!