Spooky Shakes Swoop Into Sal & Mookie’s for Halloween

Spooky Shakes Swoop Into Sal & Mookie’s for Halloween

Swooping into Sal & Mookie’s this Halloween are Spooky Shakes! Here for the week of Halloween only, these terrifyingly delicious treats are just what you need to sweeten up any spook-tacular celebration.

Gives Ya’ The Chills

Minty, chocolatey chippy, and so shook it will give ya’ the chills. Topped with a fudge cookie witch hat

Purple People Eater

This shake will sneak up on you with its deliciously sweet huckleberry flavors.


It’s one thrill after another as you make your way through the mango sorbet, orange sherbet, and lemon sorbet layers of this shake.

Witch’s Brew – Adult Shake

Approach with caution – so good it’s rumored to cause brain freeze. Made with mint and chocolate liqueurs swirled into vanilla ice cream and guarded by a chocolate ooze lined glass. Enter if you dare past the fudge cookie witch hat. Or just take a nibble.