Happy Hour at Sal And Mookie’s

All Bar Drinks. 25% Off. Tues – Fri. 3 PM To 6 PM.

Happy Hours @ Sal & Mookies
When we crafted our Happy Hour, we saw how Sal & Mookie’s sits in the heart of a working man’s neighborhood. We really wanted something that a lot of the shift workers in the area hadn’t had before and that was a happy hour that they could enjoy too, whatever kind of drink they were craving, because everyone loves a delicious drink at the end of a long work day. Susan Farris, Marketing Manager

Happy Hour: Because Life’s Too Short To Pass Up A Good Drink

We get it. You like your drink the same way you like your pizza- made just the right way. That’s why we don’t limit our Happy Hour to just certain types of drinks. Because who’s got the time for that?

Happy Hour at Sal & Mookie’s allows you to enjoy 25% off ANY bar drink Tuesday through Friday from 3 PM to 6 PM. Love a cold beer? We got you covered. Love our craft cocktails? Yep. Those are included too.

Your favorite drink is as unique as you are. Shouldn’t your Happy Hour be too?

**offer excludes Frozen & Ice Cream Drinks**